My first sewing class was at Louisiana State University in 1969 ...  I only got a C.     For the many years, however, crafts and making  things has always brought me pleasure.

Developing a line of clothes at one point .. I moved on to making clothing from the medieval and renaissance era.  All of this in the midst of teaching young people life skills and leadership. & there were times of being a travel agent, cook, high school teacher.
After making a few porcelain dolls in 1996, I  decided that  they were not my favorite medium ... they break  ... I took a soft sculpture doll class .. Wow ! !   That was fun and I found that I could create my own style of face .. She is a very simple doll  and I love her.  This same type of doll was sent to “Katrina Kids” after the big hurricane in Louisiana in 2005.

The last 10 years has been spent practicing different techniques and studying with a variety of teachers.  As I continue to study and practice .. I blend what I have learned to create a style that I am comfortable using in expressing the fun and the heart of many experiences.
Each piece is inspired by the person I am “creating”, whether that person is imagined or real. Every experience I have had is a part of each character as well.  So many people and things inspire me.  One person especially inspiring is my son, Sage. I call him a natural artist, since he almost came out holding a pencil and sketch pad.  His support and helpful hints are continually with  me.
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Terra Angel 
Myrtle May
Open House & Art Sale 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008    4-7pm
Tea Ceremony at 6pm

Healing Tea Shop 
3216 Arapahoe Avenue (at 33rd) Boulder
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featured artists: 
Nancy Sullo (watercolors)

Jeanny Russell (doll artisan)

Sandy Robinson (eco-art pottery) 
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Irene is dressed for a party. She is a cloth covered clay sculpted face with a soft cloth body. She stands 20 "           SOLD
Pierrot is a soft doll body, sculpted face with paper mache face, hands and feet.  stands 19 "      SOLD
I'm not REEEally a Witch
stands 16 1/2 " (plus hat) on her own.  She is an all cloth soft sculptured doll.       SOLD
Manly Marionette
Clay sculpted face with soft body.  A functioning string puppet.  He is 22 " tall.    SOLD
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family liife educator and doll artisan dedicated to help people ( teens, children, parents, artists, creators)  reach their highest potential  
.. from the heart,
jeanny russell

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Red Hot Momma
& Popcorn, 
of course ! ! 
LEE  started Intercambio .. 
a group who teaches English to non english speaking people .. This doll was made and donated for their annual La Fiesta fund raising event  ..  It was just so much fun to create him .. 
I Love the BOOTS .. 
Dolls start at $ 45.00 
Caricature dolls start at $ 75.00

Dolls come in many sizes & shapes & types.  .. prices vary
Custom doll Prices are based on complexity of doll
Jeanny Russell

720 436 5361
email me
Fund Raising  
A doll can be commissioned for your organization to use in your 
Fund Raising Project 
The dolls above were made for Hurrican Katrina Kids ... 
given "from the Heart"
Alicia Loves Cowgirl outfits
My Sister Marion Lee .. Sings from the Heart
Rosalind Catches the Stars she Reaches for
Stephanie is Elegance on the outside .. Spirited on the inside
Terry sis .. is just cool
Landry is the Older Sister
Three Women ..
Grandma Goes Gambling in Gilroy with Garlic
Caricature Dolls
I love catching the essence of a person in a doll 
Years ago i did a series of angel ornaments
Simple porcelain faces with various gowns
Who Me ?
Twinkle Toes
TOO Many Hearts
Golden Girl
My First Doll
Floppy .. Dolls
I love making a doll that can be hugged, carried and dragged around.   In the early 20th century their was the "fad"  of Boudoir dolls that women  ...  yes women ... of all ages carried their dolls with them.
Special Occasion
Hot air balloon's were used for a wedding shower and baby shower
Dancing Diva
Clowning Around
Merry Mermaids